Val Gardena Kids Active

It’s time for pure excitement during this summer for children between 6 and 12. The children taking part in the ‘Val Gardena Kids Active’ daily animation programme running from 01.07 - to 30.08.2024  will learn all there is to learn about the Dolomites, a treasure trove bursting with adventure and small natural works of art. Fove days a week, from monday to friday, children can dive into a world packed with incredible experiences! What do cows eat at the farm? Is climbing difficult? Why does the wood smell so good?
Children never stop asking questions as it is and the Active weeks will provide them with all the answers in the guise of fun and sporty guides accompanying them throughout the day. Bring on the summer!

Monday: Horseshoe: The Luck of Horses
Humans wear shoes and horses proudly wear their horseshoes. But have you ever wondered exactly how horses' hooves are shoed? Or what horses prefer to nibble on and what different horse breeds there are? After we've groomed and brushed our horses, we can take a few laps around the riding arena and watch the farrier shoeing. As a piece of luck, we're allowed to take home a horseshoe.
In the afternoon, the children slowly walk back to Ortisei, where they will go for an ice cream.

Tuesday: Brave mountain climbers and forest adventurers
Early in the morning our explorers try their hand at climbing during a trial climbing session under the supervision of the ‘Gardena Guides’ mountain guides: a first-hand experience with the rocky mountain walls.
In the afternoon the kids follow the signs of nature on the path of the eagle at the entrance to the Vallunga. They'll discover the new adventure world “Valtoi” with the adventure fence and feel the nature barefoot along the sensory path. The children will learn interesting facts about the forest and its inhabitants with our nature park guide.

Wednesday: Exciting farm life and brave bikers
On an exciting guided visit to the Milan farm, the kids will experience how to live in the middle of nature. Of course, they can look over the shoulder of the farmers working! Children have the possibility to feed and pet cows and calves, to watch how cows are milked, and to taste homemade products.
The Bike Park Palmer is a place where children can prove their mountain bike skills. Beginners learn their first steps on the bike, while more experienced bikers can try skill exercises on different biking courses.

Thursday: The culinary forest workshop

During the search for natural materials, children get to know the diversity of the forest's treasures. During the following preparation of special dishes “cooked” with fresh leaves, colorful buds, and fragrant herbs, the little explorers can unleash their creativity. After enjoying self-baked bread on a stick over the crackling campfire, the active kids can build their own small wooden toys, concluding an exciting day full of forest magic successfully.

Friday: Busy bees and a heroic adventure with the fire brigade
Children love honey: it’s sweet and yet still healthy. But how does honey get into the jar? Together with our guide Nadia, the children will visit a beekeeper in Selva, who will talk about the profession and the importance of honey bees. The kids will also have the chance to observe how bees work.
During an exciting visit to the fire brigade station, young explorers can feel like real firefighters. The children slip into firefighting equipment and listen to the stories of experienced firefighters, who explain what it means to fight fires, rescue people and animals and help in special situations. Of course, they also practise for emergencies - the children are allowed to get hands-on with bucket sprayers and experience one of the most exciting tasks of firefighters firsthand.

And if it rains?
Turnery, handicraft work with clay, climbing, painting, visit to the museum,…